This toolkit demonstrates all MultiSafepay API calls and explains how they work.

How it works:

You can click on the function of your choice. When you are testing normal transaction like Connect, FastCheckout, iDEAL etc, then you will go through the payment process, if additional information is needed then this will be requested. For direct iDEAL we will show you an issuer selection like how it can be added to your webshop.

Whenever you want to test a function that isn't a "transaction" but a change of a transaction etc, then first you will go through the transaction process so you can simulate the requested function onto that transaction. Like, refunding, updating etc of the transaction


All requests to the MultiSafepay API require authentication. Authentication is provided by including an API Key as an HTTP header in your request. Each website has it's own API Key so if you are operating multiple websites be sure to use the correct API Key for each site. The API Key can be found under the website settings in MultiSafepay Control.

The HTTP header name for the API Key is: api_key

Code Examples

Whenever you want to start building your own MultiSafepay integration then you can use the examples within this Toolkit as your base. Within the "Models" folder you can find our API code that is used to communicatie with our payment servers.
You can also take a closer look at the controllers within the controllers folder. The following controllers are being used for some specific API calls.

  1. connectController.php
  2. fastcheckoutController.php
  3. idealController.php
  4. gatewayController.php
  5. refundController.php
  6. payafterdeliveryController.php
  7. klarnaController.php
  8. updateController.php
  9. detailsController.php
  10. splitpaymentController.php
  11. recurringController.php